As a business whose core business is people, Ashley Services Group is committed to the development of the communities in which we operate. We are building relationships and committing resources to ensure that our communities can grow and thrive. As examples of this, ASG has:

  • Development and approval of our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). This document outlines our commitment to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities where we operate. We want to use our scale and influence to provide training and sustainable employment opportunities that are accessible by all.
  • Engaging Imalu Services to provide bespoke consultancy services on our social procurement activities including advice on our RAP, engaging Indigenous employees, and identifying opportunities for ASG to grow its business while supporting Indigenous businesses and communities.
  • Leveraging our membership of Supply Nation to diversify our expenditure and support Indigenous-owned businesses.
  • Partnered with Backpacks for Kids SA to provide essential supplies for children who have been displaced from their regular care. We are also leveraging our client base to help us support this cause in South Australia.
  • Supporting athletes in pursuit of their own excellence. This is evidenced by partnerships with Southern Districts Rugby Union and the Western Sydney Two Blues Junior program.
  • The annual review of our internal Diversity, EEO and Inclusion policies to ensure that our practices and procedures exceed the requirements for our external audits, resulting in the renewal of our ISO and TSQCI Certification.
  • Maintaining professional memberships with relevant industry bodies.







In addition to this, ASG has several policies in place to promote a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our policies recognising and allowing all employees to bring their whole selves to work and contribute their knowledge, skills, and abilities to the workplace. Diversity within ASG recognises and capitalises on the opportunities a diverse workforce brings.


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