Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase shares in Ashley Services Group?

If you are interested in purchasing shares in Ashley Services Group, please contact your broker.

What is the current share price?

To obtain the current share price, please click here or visit the Australian Securities Exchange website You should enter ASH in the codes search field.

What is Ashley Services Group’s dividend policy?

The Directors will retain absolute discretion as to whether or not to declare a dividend from time to time. In exercising this discretion, the Directors will have regard to profitability, sufficiency of franking credits, achievement of forecast results, cash flow and the best interests of the Company and Shareholders.

Where can I find a copy of the Annual Report?

You can find a copy of current and past Annual Reports in the ‘Reports’ section of the Investor Centre.

How do I view my Ashley Services Group share holding?

Ashley Services Group shareholders are administered by Link Market Services. You can access a range of services via the Link Market Services Investor Centre at:

Can I subscribe to receive alerts about Ashley Services Group?

Yes, you can register to receive email alerts from Ashley Services Group. As and when any Latest News is posted, we will publish them on the website and send them to your preferred email address. To register, see ‘Email Alerts’.

When was Ashley Services Group floated?

Ashley Services Group floated on the Australian Securities Exchange in August 2014 (ASX: ASH).


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