Ashley Services Group's Reconciliation Action Plan

ASG received formal approval for its RAP in March 2022. This commences an exciting time for the business as we embark on an important journey toward reconciliation. Our focus for this plan is to:

  • Explore employment opportunities within our business

  • Maximise the use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned/ employed agencies in our supply chain;

  • Increase cultural awareness and competency within our business; and

  • Increase our meaningful engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. This is achieved through education and mentoring programs in partnership with like-minded organisations.

ASG engaged Kiewa Austin-Rioli of Sweet Water Art to develop a one-off artwork that represents us and the journey we are undertaking. The artwork depicts a meeting place (yarning circle) in the middle with people of all backgrounds coming together. The outer circles illustrate that this is a safe space to meet. The four bold lines that lead out from the circle are journey paths that can take us anywhere. 

The full RAP document can be accessed by clicking the image below.

Ashley Services Group Reconciliation Action Plan


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